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  1. kedg195

    Want to Buy ESB/ROTJ flightsuit

    Trying to buy a Boba Fett flightsuit. If anyone has an extra one they don't need please let me know. Rubies, Arkady, Man of War, etc. Trying to upgrade my suit. Preferably ESB, but will work with an ROTJ Also looking for gloves too. Thanks
  2. TheShockMonster

    Rubie's Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet Replacement Parts?

    Hey, everyone! Im a first time poster on this forum, looking for some help. Im very new to cosplay in general, although ive made a few non Star Wars props before. I bought a Rubie's Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet recently from amazon. A few minutes ago, I left the room I was working on paint prep for...
  3. G

    Boba Flak Vest Recommendations

    Hey everyone, So I just had the person making my flak vest cancel on me. I am working on an ESB Fett and the flak vest is the last real part I need other than small little things like shin tools etc.. That being said I would love any recommendations for flak vests that are 501st approved won't...
  4. JojoFett95

    Want to Buy Wanted: Casio Mq-1 calculator

    I’m looking to buy a non functional/ or functional Casio Mq-1 calculator found part. I have a working and non working Everready vintage minilights. I can trade or buy, depending on your circumstances. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  5. JojoFett95

    Want to buy . Looking to buy a Vintage Casio MQ-1 calculator

    Looking to buy a Vintage Casio mq-1 calculator (functional or non functional), for my Hero ESB helmet. Please PM me if you have one for sale, can purchase one as ads on as possible. P.S. I also have a Vintage everready Red mink light,( if you wish to trade for the Casio found part). Thanks guys.