1. Strikesback1

    Final assembly Boba Fett Rearmored ( Boba Fresh)

    I leave you the last pictures I took of the suit, they are very similar to the previous thread but this time with the jetpack, and other details that are not appreciated but there they are like the 4 square studs this time painted in metallic color, I have added more Wear the gauntlets, and the...
  2. TheHolyLasagna

    The mandalorian belt

    So i don't think i have the skills to amke the belt myself so i was looking for a belt and found this one what do you guys think of it.
  3. T

    Cara Dune

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forums and I'm interested in making a Cara Dune costume. Can anyone point me at some resources to get started? Has anyone here done a Cara Dune costume? Cheers!
  4. Hydra

    Hydra's Armorer Build

    Love the character, her kit looks fairly simple, I have a looming convention. Let's make the Armorer. I plan on sewing/crafting the soft parts from scratch. Armor will be 3D printed for time conservation (and because there are so few pieces). I will be making at least her hammer, if not the...
  5. fiercepierce

    Right Gauntlet LED sequence/wiring

    Starting a thread for info about the LED pattern and implementation/wiring of the gauntlet's LED panel. I think the pattern and size are the same for the pre-beskar and beskar gauntlet, just the location changes. 3 lights, alternating pattern. Some times it looks like 4? I wasnt sure what if...