1. TheHolyLasagna

    The mandalorian belt

    So i don't think i have the skills to amke the belt myself so i was looking for a belt and found this one what do you guys think of it.
  2. T

    Cara Dune

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forums and I'm interested in making a Cara Dune costume. Can anyone point me at some resources to get started? Has anyone here done a Cara Dune costume? Cheers!
  3. Hydra

    Hydra's Armorer Build

    Love the character, her kit looks fairly simple, I have a looming convention. Let's make the Armorer. I plan on sewing/crafting the soft parts from scratch. Armor will be 3D printed for time conservation (and because there are so few pieces). I will be making at least her hammer, if not the...
  4. fiercepierce

    Right Gauntlet LED sequence/wiring

    Starting a thread for info about the LED pattern and implementation/wiring of the gauntlet's LED panel. I think the pattern and size are the same for the pre-beskar and beskar gauntlet, just the location changes. 3 lights, alternating pattern. Some times it looks like 4? I wasnt sure what if...