1. stubs

    Made a Boba hemet for my kid

    So i used a kids builders helmet and some foam board from a craft shop, glued it all together with a hot melt glue gun, just needs a visor fitting. Its not the most accurate paint job but he seems to like it
  2. RBF

    STAR WARS is.. timeless :)

    It truly is!! I saw the Last jedi with my 6 year old (the trooper in this picture) and it was such an experience. To see your own child as enthusiastic, thrilled... downright nerveus when the letters pop on the screen and the STAR WARS theme thunders in... wow :) The costuming is soaking in...
  3. RBF

    BB-8 costume (for a 3 year old)

    Now to get a picture together with her older sister as a Trooper and we're all set :)