star wars

  1. Rentokill72

    Animated Mandalorian wrist computer "budget version"

    In case you guys haven't seen this yet.
  2. PinkFlamingos6

    Boba Fett Shrine

    I don't think there's a thread like this on here already, but let's see some of those Fett shrines/displays! Time to show off! I'll post mine soon as I'm done tidying it up lol
  3. chubsANDdoggers

    New member (DL-44 Blaster build)

    Hello all! I’ve learked on this forum for a while now as I’m been waiting on a sidewinder forge TESB EE3 blaster since July of 2020. It’s been a long wait but it’s finally it’s arrived! So I’ve decided to sign up and hopefully bend some ears as I’m sure I’ll have many questions along the way...
  4. Artika

    My new cosplay ~ BOUSHH :)

    Hello ! I present you my cosplay Boushh! I finished Friday for an event that took place in France this weekend. I did it entirely by hand, it still lacks some elements, but the base is finished. I'm happy with the result and star wars fans have appreciated! :) So it's a cosplay handmade, even...
  5. C

    1975 Star Wars Models - Visible for 1st time

    Hello everyone. My name is Colin Cantwell. I conceptualized and modeled the ships for the first Star Wars film. At the behest of fans, I am letting these four decade old photos see the light of day. Most were taken in my backyard in 1975 after kitbashing the pre-production models for the the...
  6. Artika

    Hi from FRANCE ! ☺

    HI everyone, i'm artika and i'm 23. :) I'm from France, i love cosplay. i have beginning in 2017 with the cosplay of Rey. (SW VII) I have a second cosplay but it's not star wars, Laureline from "Valerian and the city of thousand planets". You can found me on facebook & Instagram : Artika...
  7. Draigo90

    Consultation about Tie Pilot Armor

    Hello, I wanted to ask about stores to buy a Tie Pilot armor. Members of the garrison 501 in Spain have recommended Armor-Factory (Buy Black Pilot | Armour Factory Store). Their members have spoken to me very well about Armor Factory and I would like to know if someone has bought an armor from...
  8. Nachtinis

    Escape Velocity Convention May 25-27 Oxon Hill Md

    Escape Velocity is an upcoming Sci-Fi convention, which will be at the Gaylord Resort in Oxon Hill, MD. This will be our third year. Escape velocity is presented by the Museum of Science Fiction, DC, and is a non-profit orgainzation dedicated to education, and the core concept that from our...