special edition

  1. Searay758

    SE Fett Armor Color Touch-up/repaint suggestions, other misc Q's

    Hello all! I come before you looking for some advice on modifying my SE Fett's armor colors. Here he stands at the moment: Years ago when I painted this, for the ESB helmet paint up I followed the colors laid out in the stickied MindMeister map (Boba Fett Paint Colors) which I feel gave me...
  2. Arminace

    General Hoses/tubes/thermoplastic piping system of Boba SE Edition

    I really need some help.... its regarding the hoses of the gauntlets of the SE Edtion of B.F. Has anyone some good close ups of the endings (where they start on the gloves and more important ... where do they end? It's really hard to get pics of that...). Best regards and thank you in advance.