short person

  1. droidbait

    Droidbait's Jango Build

    Hey Dent's! I have acquired most of my Jango Stuff from these sellers below. I'm 5'5" 148lbs so Jango. Hopefully my small stature doesn't take away from the build. Green is what I have Red still waiting. Helmet: MF (Dented Version) Armor: MF Flightsuit: BM Flak Vest: BM Leather Goods: Delta...
  2. droidbait

    ESB Build (Short BH)

    Hey all, I have been on the forums since 2007 but didn't create a account till 2011 at my first year in college. Anyways I plan to build a ESB Fett so far I have RKD V3 armor and Landher boots. Off to a little start. (My first Fett build was in middle school and was made from Cardboard.. I have...