1. Bob A Feet

    Spray Paint for ROTJ Green Armor (Rust-Oleum Preferred)

    Hi everyone, I'll continue searching around on here and other places online, but can anyone recommend a spray paint (Rust-Oleum preferred) for the main armor green color? I'm going to paint the 3 chest pieces, center diamond, and collar plate for sure. Might do the cod / kidney and back plate...
  2. Bob A Feet

    Jet Pack Pantone Blue Incorrect? Spray Paint for ROTJ Jetpack?

    Hi everyone! TL;DR: is the blue on my jetpack too dark? Does the Pantone reference seem correct? Is there a Rust-Oleum spray paint that'll work better? Now that I'm looking at Halloween 2022 to unveil my ROTJ Boba costume (hopefully some kind of "con" before then), I'm thinking about redoing...