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  1. B

    Hasbro EE3 ROTJ Hero Blaster - Conversion, mod and paint.

    Hi to all BH. I am new to this site, but a long time fan of Boba Fett and all Mando's. My goal is to build my own costume, eventually, from sourced kit parts and replica's. I have a 1995 Don Post bucket and will be sourcing parts from BobaMaker to modify and accurise it. I have owned this since...
  2. bh19812

    ROTJ Gauntlet Alco Switch Question

    I have what I believe are the correct Alco gauntlet switches for the ROTJ Right Gauntlet: The CRL states that "if switches are present, the gauntlet weathering and damage patterns are based on visual references and match the only version where switches are seen. Any other version of...