1. GoldenCat

    Bo-Katan Rebels armor (GoldenCat build)

    Hello to everyone :) First, let me start with the question - Do you think this version of Bo could be in 501st or is she too much of the Rebel supporter? I mean she is still a mandalorian, even more, she's the new leader of Mandalore. But she's now a "good guy" and we have Rex in the 501st who...
  2. Froflo

    Rebels season 4 bo katan wip

    So ive been toying with the idea of doing a bo katan for my girlfriend for a while, after seeing the trailer for rebels season 4 i decided to give her new outfit a whirl! Bear in mind im working with very litle for reference right now so things may not be perfect once the series comes out and we...