1. Bob A Feet

    Non-Bondo filler for Sintra (foam PVC) jetpack? And related questions.

    Hi everyone! Somewhat surprisingly, my jetpack build is going pretty well: I'm getting to the point where I think it would be best to start filling in gaps before committing to a final assembly. Most of the butt joints were done with superglue. Some of the larger pieces that laid flat on...
  2. Bob A Feet

    Sintra (Expanded PVC) Thickness for ESB / ROTJ?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering, what thickness of Sintra do people use when making Boba Fett armor? Seems like people go with either 3mm or 6mm. I'm currently looking for material locally, so I might have my choice of either thickness. My helmet is done, so I'm really just looking at the...
  3. ThisIsTheWay453

    This Is The Way, I Hope

    I am trying to build Mando's Armor for myself. I plan to use it for airsoft as well as cosplay, so I need something that is going to with stand running around, laying down, kneeling, running through trees, water, tripping and falling (lets be serious here), and of course being hit by bbs...