1. GahSnow21


    Someone have a pepakura file from Boba Fett Helmet ? P.s With shot in the helmet and the little arrow in the front
  2. M

    Need Some Help with Helmet Paint

    I'm a bit new to this, but I've recently started work on a Boba Fett Helmet build and started looking at the paint stencils. I've found they don't quite line up with my pepakura files. Is this common or something I should be worried about? All help is appreciated
  3. TheTbagmonster

    Phase II Clone Trooper Armor Pepakura Build

    Hello fellow Star Wars fans! I originally posted this plainly on the RPF, but I then discovered this forum and felt it would be better suited here. I wasn't going to post my progress until I was nearly done with this suit as I figured it'd be nice to post all the progress pictures at once, but...