1. roger12RAMJET

    For Sale Casio MQ-1

    For sale I have 3 x Casio MQ-1 Calculators. I was intending to add these to some helmets I have in progress, but decided against it. One comes with box, manual and protective sleeve. Box is a little bit worn on the edges, but the calculator itself is still in good shape and functional. Would...
  2. bh19812

    Casio MQ-1 installation question

    I did a search but didn’t find anything does anyone remember a specific thread about proper placement of the MQ1 circuit board in the helmet looking at pictures there seems to be a little wiggle room there .
  3. batkit

    Casio MQ-1 resin cast

    Hi everyone I'm new on the forum from the UK (wales)and working on an ESB helmet hopefully have some in progress shots soon. Is there anyone doing resin casts of the Casio MQ-1 to fit behing the rear slots ? I have seen some 3d printed ones but they are too grainy.