1. DirtyRogue

    What If Fett paint up, in mando colors

    Taking some steps to level up my picture game. One of my personal helmets with a flight suit crafted by @vultureproductions. This is my official GO TO guy for soft parts. If you’ve been looking for a flight suit for your mando build, just outstanding quality of work. The “fur” is a child’s...
  2. DirtyRogue

    Crimson Dawn Bounty Hunter #1

    “Crimson Dawn Bounty Hunter #1” This was one of the builds that just sort of evolved as I was working on it. We are certainly going to be seeing some new Mando’s in the near future if I was to guess, so the goal here was to create one that feels like it could show up in a post empire world...
  3. tykyu

    JSIN Props Mando Helmet Review (With Weathering, Extra Details, Added Magnetic Light)

    Link Here! Hi guys! I've finally managed to get on one of Jsin Prop's new V3 Mandalorian helmets. I just put together my first impressions in this youtube link above. I see why so many people on this forum enjoy it and speak so well of it. To me, it was completely worth the wait! ^^ Thanks to...
  4. propcicle

    Propcicle's Din Djarin build - Slow and Steady

    So, I'm a little late to the game but I have high hopes of putting together a full Din Djarin Beskar version before the end of October this year. What kickstarted the process was an interest in 3D printers in December, some info from Gilmortar on which one to buy, and then the realization of...
  5. alex920a

    Mando helmet flashlight with magnet

    Good morning everyone! here's my new Mando helmet flashlight with magnet! (I've modified Darren Pattenden's file for the earcap) Hope you like it :D
  6. Russiya

    My full steel build

    Hey folks just wanted to share with you my updated all steel Beskar build this kit is extremely heavy but I feel as though it is very close to accurate.
  7. griffmcnifftiff

    Beskar backplate?

    Does anybody know what the Mando’s backplate (from the Beskar version) looks like? Can’t find any reference pictures. Thanks :)
  8. ThisIsTheWay453

    This Is The Way, I Hope

    I am trying to build Mando's Armor for myself. I plan to use it for airsoft as well as cosplay, so I need something that is going to with stand running around, laying down, kneeling, running through trees, water, tripping and falling (lets be serious here), and of course being hit by bbs...