1. Dustin155

    First cosplay ever (Cobb Vanth)

    So I’ve been coming here for a while now and I’ve never posted. But I did start putting this Cobb Vanth Cosplay together starting in Feb this year (2022) and I finally got to suit up for the first time and I know it’s not 100% accurate but I’m still pretty proud of it still can’t find a post...

    Mando hip plates

    Hey guys, just wondering what colour Djarin's hip plates are? I've seen Montana deep blue mentioned before but just wanted to make sure. Also what did you guys use for the white detailing and top coat? TIA
  3. CaptDin22

    A new mandalorian WIP...

    Well here goes my first cosplay build! The plan is to try and come up with a somewhat original Mandalorian costume. Here’s the progress I’ve made over the weekend. Started with a PLA print of a helmet, which came out a little rough, but some Bondo and filler primer took care of that. After...