mandalorian season 2

  1. MandoLegacy20

    Mandalorian Season 2 Inspired / Book of Boba Fett helmet newbie WIP

    This resin helmet cast was a Sideshow bust helmet that was modified by MF and sold by DragonBornJedi on Etsy. I know that the dome and cheeks are a lighter shade of green compared to what was used in the show, but I honestly prefer this color. It gives me Pre-pro 1 vibes. I'll keep this thread...
  2. RoryPenland

    Building a House of Boba Fett costume.

    I am just beginning to build a Boba Fett costume like the one from his last few episodes of “The Mandalorian” season 2. I am experienced at making costumes but I am NOT a shop builder who uses resins and raw materials. I have purchased a used Rubies deluxe Boba Fett costume for the armor...
  3. ncarfagna

    New Girth belt.

    Hello Fellow Hunters, progress on my son’s armor is moving fast and furious. I’m wondering if anybody has a good idea on what color the girth belt is in the new season of the mandalorian. When boba gets his armor back in the episode it looks like the girth belt is either a dark brown or is it...