mandalorian helmet

  1. Baruopa

    3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet: Great Ape Stuidos or 3D Print Armory?

    Hey all, am looking to print a mando helmet and was taken by the photos of 3D Print Armory's V6 helmet, as it's overlays with the original prop look spot on, but when I see people talking about Mando STLs they always reccomend Great Ape Studios. Has anyone tried printing both who can put a word...
  2. MandoLegacy20

    Mandalorian Season 2 Inspired / Book of Boba Fett helmet newbie WIP

    This resin helmet cast was a Sideshow bust helmet that was modified by MF and sold by DragonBornJedi on Etsy. I know that the dome and cheeks are a lighter shade of green compared to what was used in the show, but I honestly prefer this color. It gives me Pre-pro 1 vibes. I'll keep this thread...
  3. tykyu

    JSIN Props Mando Helmet Review (With Weathering, Extra Details, Added Magnetic Light)

    Link Here! Hi guys! I've finally managed to get on one of Jsin Prop's new V3 Mandalorian helmets. I just put together my first impressions in this youtube link above. I see why so many people on this forum enjoy it and speak so well of it. To me, it was completely worth the wait! ^^ Thanks to...
  4. LupineSojourner

    Helmet Troubles

    Ok so I bought a cheap 'silver' spray paint without doing research on better metallic spray paints, and now I realize Rust-oleum has a great metallic paint called Dark Steel. If I wanted to remove the spray paint currently on my helmet (which is pvc), should I use sandpaper to sand off the...
  5. aucks181

    James' Mandalorian Build

    Hi everyone This is my first Mando build having put together 5-6 other costumes so would describe myself as an "intermediate" builder. Having spent most of my time working with ABS on TK/TB/TS I consider myself a "beginner" when it comes to Mando's and wanted to document my progress in the hope...
  6. kg4ueq

    First attempt at 3D Printed Bucket

    This is my first attempt at 3D printing a Mandalorian helmet. I printed it on a Tronxy 3XY with PLA filament. After printing, I had to do a little sanding and filling some minor gaps. It was primed with a filling primer and painted with flat spray paint. My color scheme was something I came up...
  7. Atseini

    Mando Helmet Foam Pattern

    Any Foam Pattern?? It's my first time doing cosplay, and i cannot find any pattern thx,
  8. R3leasethedrago

    Searching for mandalorian costume

    Hello! I'm just trying to find a general idea for costs on creating a full mandalorian cosplay. Being as I have no artistic ability, I'm looking to pay someone to create a costume for me. I'm small, only 5'1 and can discuss measurements upon requests. I've been waiting YEARS to get a personally...
  9. wyawya

    Custom Mando Helmet

    This is my helmet fo rmy Mandalorian Mercs build. Obviously the weathering is heavily inspired by the man in green, so I'd love to here what you guys think. EDIT: I just realized I posted this in the wrong sections, feel free to delete mods. :)
  10. tommyboy

    Custom Mandalorian Another Mandalorian build from Bounty Hunter beginnings "Mandowar"

    Here are some picts from my latest Mando design "Mandowar" The antennas are designed so that you can position them pretty much anywhere you want on the helmet!