1. Bob A Feet

    Tweaks to ROTJ Fett After 1st Time Wearing - Flightsuit Lining, Knee Armor, Cape, Etc.

    Hi everyone! As I mentioned in the 1st post of my "build" thread, I wore my completed ROTJ costume to a convention this past weekend! This was my 1st real "trooping" experience (wearing the costume for ~12 hours while walking around a lot) so I have some things I'd like to improve upon, and...
  2. BobaOfDaFett

    Looking for armour attachment methods. All help is welcome!

    Heya! As the title suggests, I'm looking around for some armour attachment methods to get the pieces to securely stick to the vest, and the jetpack to stick to the backpiece without either falling off. Also, it would be nice if anyone had any advice on getting the straps around the kneepads on...
  3. Bob A Feet

    Adding "dents" to plastic or 3D printed (PLA) parts?

    Hi everyone! Random question here, but has anyone tried adding dents to plastic or 3D printed (in this case, PLA) parts? I 3D printed the knee armor pieces thanks to RafalFett, but I need to add some ROTJ era dents to them. I had a scrap gauntlet piece that I used to test out some denting...
  4. drewthecostumer

    The Modern Gentleperson's Paint List and Technique Guide (Starting with ESB)

    Hey y'all! I have a strange passion for paint accessibility and transparency in the Fett community, and all of our ancient paint guides promote out of date/discontinued/neigh impossible to get paints, and that is just such a drag. Humbrol's cans SUUUCK, Model Masters is out of business and the...