1. Boomzo

    Looking to make 501st ready Boba helmet

    I’m looking to make a 501st Legion ready Boba Fett helmet starting with the helmet. I’m not sure if I should make my own or if there are good kits available. I know the kits are often very accurate and well made but cost more and you lose out on the whole building from scratch thing. Can i get...
  2. ToEleven

    For Sale ESB Helmet Kit by ToEleven

    1 fiberglass ESB helmet kit ready to ship $250 each plus shipping. Note: updated to 1 kit available All the accessories included: plexi visor plastic ears & rangefinder housing polished solid aluminum stalk clear epoxy perspex block & lens aluminum borden 2 leds assorted mounting screws...
  3. Strikerkc

    Need held to ID maker of armor pieces

    Hi all, I've got a partial set of boba fett hard armor plates, still raw from being pulled, and I can't remember what manufacturer they are from. I remember at the time, I was able to look up the name and see what full sets went for, and see that they were an actual company in business, but...