1. Indy Magnoli

    For Sale Original NEMROD Holster... $1 opening bid.

    This is an original vintage NEMROD holster for the Pulce 40 speargun... Measures about 19" long (including the belt loop) and 5" wide. Includes all original leg strapping with Nemrod branded buckles. This is a vintage item so has natural shelf wear, but seems to be deadstock and completely...
  2. stryker181

    ESB High Poly count STL files ESB Sidearm

    In getting into resin printing I realised that higher poly files are easier for post processing of the prints. As I had already downloaded and FDM printed Rafalfett's files I knew that this would be a great place to start. My adventure to date has been to modify these files so that they can be...
  3. MBlackburn

    Other Bounty Hunter Sabine Ammo Belt

    Hi there! I'm on an art student budget but want to upgrade my Sabine belts (notably her ammo belt from her "action" gear). Anyone doing cheap leatherwork (or faux leather?) I know DeltaMike does sensational work but there's just no way I can pay for that. Thank you! <3