helmet build

  1. N

    Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel helmet

    Does anybody know where I can purchase one of Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel kits? I understand he sold all his molds/ pieces. I wasn’t sure who had the one for this particular one. I need this for my Open Seasons Montross kit.
  2. bryceelischer

    Cold Cast Jango Helmet

    So I’m starting on a Jango Fett helmet and upper torso armor build. I 3D printed all the parts and cleaned them up and in the process of molding the armor to cold cast. I’ve already finished the helmet and cast a couple with the third one coming out perfect for painting. I’ll post updates as I...
  3. MandoOutcast

    Ralph McQuarrie Concept V2 Helmet

    Does anyone know of a STL file for the 2nd version of Ralph's concept Boba Fett helmet?
  4. iwantajetpack

    First thread and first cardboard bucket scratch build

    Hello! My name is Matthew, and I live in America. So this is my first WoF build (I have done another mando bucket before) and I am very excited + nervous. I found my way to TDH by way of an instructible and since then have read a lot of WoF build threads (especially AntMan's) and finally...
  5. LupineSojourner

    Helmet Troubles

    Ok so I bought a cheap 'silver' spray paint without doing research on better metallic spray paints, and now I realize Rust-oleum has a great metallic paint called Dark Steel. If I wanted to remove the spray paint currently on my helmet (which is pvc), should I use sandpaper to sand off the...
  6. BuckleyEnstrom

    Helmet build

    Hey everyone! We are new here! I am looking to join the Mercs and I was told my foam helmet would not meet requirements. I was also told there was a girl who just got approved by making her helmet out of cereal box cardboard. My boyfriend and I would like to try this for our helmets, we are...