helmet build

  1. TheDrSherlock

    Bucket Assembly Question

    Hey fellow helmet heads, I've been lurking here and theRPF for a while and have been working on a beskar build. I had a process question that I wanted people's opinion on. I have been working on Great Ape files (so good!) and have most all my armor FDM printed, sanded, bondo'd, sanded, filled...
  2. funkz

    A newbie's attempt at making a "fresh" Boba Fett armor

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread! In this thread, I'll try to document my progress in making the "fresh" Boba Fett costume. I'm somewhat new to making costumes, as this will be my first everything! I'll try as much to list the materials and methods used so this thread can also serve as...
  3. N

    Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel helmet

    Does anybody know where I can purchase one of Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel kits? I understand he sold all his molds/ pieces. I wasn’t sure who had the one for this particular one. I need this for my Open Seasons Montross kit.
  4. bryceelischer

    Cold Cast Jango Helmet

    So I’m starting on a Jango Fett helmet and upper torso armor build. I 3D printed all the parts and cleaned them up and in the process of molding the armor to cold cast. I’ve already finished the helmet and cast a couple with the third one coming out perfect for painting. I’ll post updates as I...
  5. MandoOutcast

    Ralph McQuarrie Concept V2 Helmet

    Does anyone know of a STL file for the 2nd version of Ralph's concept Boba Fett helmet?
  6. Skeksis

    First thread and first cardboard bucket scratch build

    Hello! My name is Matthew, and I live in America. So this is my first WoF build (I have done another mando bucket before) and I am very excited + nervous. I found my way to TDH by way of an instructible and since then have read a lot of WoF build threads (especially AntMan's) and finally...
  7. LupineSojourner

    Helmet Troubles

    Ok so I bought a cheap 'silver' spray paint without doing research on better metallic spray paints, and now I realize Rust-oleum has a great metallic paint called Dark Steel. If I wanted to remove the spray paint currently on my helmet (which is pvc), should I use sandpaper to sand off the...
  8. BuckleyEnstrom

    Helmet build

    Hey everyone! We are new here! I am looking to join the Mercs and I was told my foam helmet would not meet requirements. I was also told there was a girl who just got approved by making her helmet out of cereal box cardboard. My boyfriend and I would like to try this for our helmets, we are...
  9. Icetalon

    Steel Boba Fett Helmet (Picture Heavy)

    I've been a Boba Fett fan since I was a small child. Back a while ago I saw Gold Point Props video about making a Boba Fett helmet, but never thought I would have the skills to make it out of metal. Five years later, as an Engineering Student, I re-watched the video and realized I knew how to...