1. Dain117

    For Sale SOLD

    Hey Guys, I'm willing to send away 1 Wookie Braids(Woodman) and a pair of Gloves(Mike.M) Woodman's ROTJ Wookie Braids. just the way I received it. asking $100 including shipping to everywhere. (SOLD) Mike. M Gloves, put it on for just 1 time, did not tropped. never done any sizing job...
  2. Malkavian

    Gloves Glove pads/grips or glove protection

    My first pair of gloves lasted maybe 25 troops. Holes started to appear at finger tips, especially the trigger finger. I know it's not canon, but are there are any pads or grips one can put at their finger tips or palm side of the gloves to prevent holes from starting and wear/tear. I was...