1. roger12RAMJET

    For Sale Bobamaker ROTJ Gauntlets

    I have for sale a set of Bobamaker ROTJ Gauntlets painted with Archive-X enamels. Photos taken in natural light. Painted to look like the skiff scene version of the gauntlets so the right gauntlet has the Alco Switches present. I can supply the hoses, but it’s easier to pack without them...
  2. K

    Looking for Gauntlet Interior Pics, Connection Methods Specifically

    So I've got a set of fiberglass armor that I'm building up for a Din Djarin costume, but I'm having some issues with the gauntlets. I'm looking for photos of the interior of the gauntlets and how they assemble. I've found plenty pics of completed gauntlets, but only the exterior and not so...
  3. Han shot first

    Gauntlets colours ROTJ?

    Greetings from Jersey (old Jersey, not new Jersey!). My new gauntlets have arrived from Boba Maker (stunning, so much better than my old ones). I am hoping someone has some info on the RAL colours/codes that I need to finish them off? Any help will be greatfully recieved gentlemen. Cheers, Mick.
  4. FamousFett

    ESB Boba Fett Gauntlets Build

    Finished up these MOW gauntlets, they turned out great I think. I still need to add the hose and hose attachment piece but other than that they are done! *Edit* I added some photos of what the clips on the inside look like, also the red on the darts and light switch button should be a deeper...
  5. Arminace

    General Hoses/tubes/thermoplastic piping system of Boba SE Edition

    I really need some help.... its regarding the hoses of the gauntlets of the SE Edtion of B.F. Has anyone some good close ups of the endings (where they start on the gloves and more important ... where do they end? It's really hard to get pics of that...). Best regards and thank you in advance.