1. Bob A Feet

    ROTJ Gauntlet Hose and Connector Sizes

    Hey everyone! So I've been slowly 3D printing pieces for my Boba costume and am currently on the gauntlets. Unfortunately, I've realized I don't have "proper" models for the right gauntlet hose connectors. I just so happened to find a McMaster-Carr catalog at my work yesterday, and noticed...
  2. bh19812

    ROTJ Gauntlet Alco Switch Question

    I have what I believe are the correct Alco gauntlet switches for the ROTJ Right Gauntlet: The CRL states that "if switches are present, the gauntlet weathering and damage patterns are based on visual references and match the only version where switches are seen. Any other version of...
  3. K

    Metal parts needed

    Hey team, I'm wondering who is selling any gauntlet metal parts like the rocket, darts, etc. Thanks!
  4. kelev

    General Gauntlet help

    I'm trying to replace the small oval/cylinder piece on my right gauntlet, not sure the name of it. Anyone know where I could procure one, or where 3d print files could be found? And anyone know what the official name of that piece is? Thanks!
  5. pigelectric

    MoW Gauntlets - need guidance, please!

    Hello! I purchased the MoW gauntlet kit from a friend who held onto it for awhile and then sold me his ESB BF parts. I'm looking at the directions and placing the parts out, but can't quite figure out what those pieces should be - please reference image - I circled the parts on the instruction...