1. M

    Best visor for helmet?

    I am making a helmet from EVA foam. What is the best visor to use? Am thinking P3261-5 Replacement Visor for Parweld P3266 Browguard Shade 5 Polycarbonate. UK. thoughts?
  2. Bob A Feet

    Non-Bondo filler for Sintra (foam PVC) jetpack? And related questions.

    Hi everyone! Somewhat surprisingly, my jetpack build is going pretty well: I'm getting to the point where I think it would be best to start filling in gaps before committing to a final assembly. Most of the butt joints were done with superglue. Some of the larger pieces that laid flat on...
  3. Atseini

    Mando Helmet Foam Pattern

    Any Foam Pattern?? It's my first time doing cosplay, and i cannot find any pattern thx,
  4. V2


    Version 2 Foam Helmet Liner. Original design