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    Hasbro EE3 ROTJ Hero Blaster - Conversion, mod and paint.

    Hi to all BH. I am new to this site, but a long time fan of Boba Fett and all Mando's. My goal is to build my own costume, eventually, from sourced kit parts and replica's. I have a 1995 Don Post bucket and will be sourcing parts from BobaMaker to modify and accurise it. I have owned this since...
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    For Sale or Trade New Iconic Props / Stormrider / Signature Series Run (final)

    UPDATE: Seems I am out of work programming for the foreseeable future. So this stuff gets ramped up. I should have the ee3's starting to ship this week. JB has/will be sending out pm's for payment. Things are going to move fast, try to be responsive so you don't miss out. UPDATE 2: I...