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  1. Fettastic

    For Sale ESB Rubber EE-3 and scopes

    Hey Team! I’m moving and I’ve been cleaning out my Fett Locker. Looking to sell these listed items. (SOLD) Rubber EE3 - (Complete) includes rubber barrel mounts, rubber scope mounts, rubber scope, all rubber greeblies, and chrome plated metal barrel tube. (SOLD) Webley 4x20 accurate scope with...
  2. Ord Mantell

    For Sale SOLD 1915 Webley No1 Mark 1 for EE3

    SOLD This beautiful piece has found a great home with the geniuses at War Machine Inc. where they will make copies of this flare gun for affordable mass produced full metal EE3's with wood stock -- no lists to sign up for, no waiting a year to hear from a vendor who disappeared with your...
  3. S

    For Sale or Trade New Iconic Props / Stormrider / Signature Series Run (final)

    UPDATE: Seems I am out of work programming for the foreseeable future. So this stuff gets ramped up. I should have the ee3's starting to ship this week. JB has/will be sending out pm's for payment. Things are going to move fast, try to be responsive so you don't miss out. UPDATE 2: I...