1. Rentokill72

    Animated Mandalorian wrist computer "budget version"

    In case you guys haven't seen this yet.
  2. PinkFlamingos6

    Boba Fett Shrine

    I don't think there's a thread like this on here already, but let's see some of those Fett shrines/displays! Time to show off! I'll post mine soon as I'm done tidying it up lol
  3. SharkForge

    Need help finding a good torso mannequin

    Hey guys... so I am on the hunt for a torso mannequin to display a bust of Fett. Ideally the belt and up. The catch for me is the jetpack. Does anyone have any good ideas for a bust style mannequin that can support a jetpack? I can find plenty of torsos but I was wondering if any of you do...