din djarin

  1. Searay758

    Any tips on how to do the cape + jetpack?

    Sorry if my topic is a result of a lack of searching, but from what I can tell is most season 2 Mando builds are sans-jetpack. Since I'm putting together a version with the jetpack, I was wondering how I would go about the cape situation. In my poorly captured screenshot, you can see how it...
  2. LordHeadass

    Lord Headass' 3d printed Mando Build

    I printed the chest piece and glued it together (that's what the white stuff is on the piece) and the sizing is off by a bit. I was wondering if anyone has any input on how much I could increase the percent of the piece in my 3d printer slicer program for it to fit me. Currently, it's at 100%...
  3. darth wombo

    Din Djarin Helmet and Rebound 25 Mold

    Hello, It has been a very long time since I've posted here and a similarly long time since I've built anything Mandalorian related, but ever since the new series was announced, I've had that itch. I'm older now and I like to think I have a higher attention to detail and standard for quality. I...
  4. N

    Boba Fett Boot Gaiters (The Mandalorian)?

    Anybody know where I can find these or something like them for a reasonable price? I don’t want any buckles or additives on them. Just plain like these.
  5. propcicle

    Propcicle's Din Djarin build - Slow and Steady

    So, I'm a little late to the game but I have high hopes of putting together a full Din Djarin Beskar version before the end of October this year. What kickstarted the process was an interest in 3D printers in December, some info from Gilmortar on which one to buy, and then the realization of...
  6. alex920a

    Mando LCD gauntlet

    Here's my version of the Mando LCD gauntlet with mandalorians characters! :D Hope you like it!
  7. alex920a

    Mando helmet flashlight with magnet

    Good morning everyone! here's my new Mando helmet flashlight with magnet! (I've modified Darren Pattenden's file for the earcap) Hope you like it :D
  8. alex920a

    Aluminium Grav charge with Led & sounds

    Hi everybody! new member here! I'm working on a Aluminium Grav charge with Led & sounds! hope you like it! :D Here's the video :
  9. Topher

    New member, from a certain point of view

    Hey all, I have been lurking this community for quite sometime and only just now decided to join officially to join in some of the conversations and give some of my opinions. My name is Topher and I have been a video game developer for 20 years specializing in character work. I teach this trade...