1. Midnight5amurai

    Season 2 Leaked Costume Pics (Spoiler?)

    I wouldn't think these would be a spoiler since the pictures just show Din's armor and they've been out for awhile now. I haven't seen these on here but they could be buried in a thread that was for something else. Here are the two pictures that show the back of the costume sans back armor and...
  2. T


    Hey, I’m a filmmaker from the UK and I’m currently getting involved with a Star Wars fan film called “Bounty Hunter: A Star Wars Story” which follows a young Boba Fett trying to fill his father’s boots. And I’m looking for costumes and guessed this would be the best place to look. 2 costume...
  3. Big Game

    Big Games First ESB Fett wip

    Hey there everyone! This will be my first thread detailing my build for an ESB Fett. I’m sure it’s gonna be a slow build as I work in the film industry which consistently requires long hours and sometimes weekends. On top of that my wife who supports me doing this but will also want my attention...
  4. T

    Speaker and mic system for a custom built helmet

    I am looking for ideas and help to work on a speaker and mic system for a custom Mandalorian helmet I am working on. I know the systen will need a power source. I am on a bit of a budget and I would like to know what components I will need, where is the best place to find them, and how much it...