costume for beginners

  1. abigballs

    Looking for a Kid’s $100 Boba Fett Costume to go with Black Series Helmet

    My 6 year old son is getting a boba fett black series helmet for his birthday. We want to purchase the other parts of the costume for around $100. We don’t need anything high end but hoping for something better quality than what I’m currently finding on line. For example the Disney outlets had...
  2. TheHolyLasagna

    Tips an advice for cosplay of The Mandalorian (My first cosplay)

    I realy like 'The Mandalorian' and I want to make a cosplay. But I am new to the whole thing so I could use Some tips an advice.
  3. Mangofett185

    New to the Jango community

    Hey guys I'm a long time jango fett fan and new to the costume gang, anyways I'm making mine fairly cheaply (cardboard dont judge lol) anyways I've tried making the helmet and it went horribly, would love some feedback on how to make the helmet. Also started making his jetpack and I'm actually...