1. ParZival

    What free or paid model do you guys think is the most accurate to the helmet in the show?

    Hey, y'all! I just started my Boba Fett cosplay project and was wondering what you guys think is the most screen-accurate model out there. I really want this one to look good. Thanks!
  2. C7E2BB52-589F-465C-BF33-FAB7B0DC45C7.jpeg


    This is my work in progress Boba Fett costume. Book of BF black outfit with repainted pieces of old BF costume.
  3. MandoLegacy20

    Mandalorian Season 2 Inspired / Book of Boba Fett helmet newbie WIP

    This resin helmet cast was a Sideshow bust helmet that was modified by MF and sold by DragonBornJedi on Etsy. I know that the dome and cheeks are a lighter shade of green compared to what was used in the show, but I honestly prefer this color. It gives me Pre-pro 1 vibes. I'll keep this thread...