1. 6

    Deciding the best way to make a helmet

    I have been wanting to make a ESB Boba Fett helmet for quite sometime but I am unsure where to start. I have found resin kits on Etsy but they are out of my price range. Is there any alternative that I can do that is affordable?
  2. MandoLegacy20

    Mandalorian Season 2 Inspired / Book of Boba Fett helmet newbie WIP

    This resin helmet cast was a Sideshow bust helmet that was modified by MF and sold by DragonBornJedi on Etsy. I know that the dome and cheeks are a lighter shade of green compared to what was used in the show, but I honestly prefer this color. It gives me Pre-pro 1 vibes. I'll keep this thread...
  3. MandoLegacy20

    Who sells lineage Mando season 2 Boba Fett helmets?

    I'm thinking about starting a Boba Fett cosplay from season 2 of the Mandalorian, since I love his new look. I also noticed how the helmet in the show is scaled down compared to the ESB and ROTJ helmets. I'm also 5'4 so it seems like the season 2 helmet would be a better fit for me compared to...
  4. nicktilly

    Boba fett mandalorian re-paint, new paint

    Hi I’m new to the forum. I plan on doing a repaint of my boba fett helmet but this time accurate to the season 2 mandalorian paint job. Less weathered and clean look. Wondered if anyone has a template or is working on one. Any guidance would be great.
  5. DacaFett

    Inside Fett's bucket

    Hey what's up guys! So I'm getting closer to finishing the painting on my ESB Boba helmet. I'm looking for ideas on how to build the insides (ie. wiring, fans, pads, voice changer) Any tips would be greatly appreciate it. Thanks