boba rearmored

  1. TK55557

    My Boba Fett Rearmored WIP - Black Series Helmet question?

    Hi! First thanks for all you guys, this forum helped me a lot to start build my armor from scratch. Yesterday we had an event here and I just rush to "finish" an acceptable usable version. Its was really hard to construct, but people liked the results so far and I'm happy! The only thing I...
  2. ImABarRoomHero

    Hello from a former 501ster from Nebraska

    Hello! Finally decided to join up after lurking for a bit. I used to be in the 501st several years ago but dropped out and sold all my suits. I remember TDH always being an intimidating page and something I never thought I would be joining, then Mando and BOBF showed up and, well, here I am. I'm...
  3. Ninjamonkeysd

    Ninjamonkeys "Re-Armored" build

    Hey everyone! This is my first time doing anything like this so I figured I would post a thread so you can learn from my mistakes or laugh at me, whichever you feel more comfortable doing. I got my armor a few months ago from Boba Maker (Daz) and Im using a RoTJ set. I really have no clue as...