boba rearmored

  1. ImABarRoomHero

    Hello from a former 501ster from Nebraska

    Hello! Finally decided to join up after lurking for a bit. I used to be in the 501st several years ago but dropped out and sold all my suits. I remember TDH always being an intimidating page and something I never thought I would be joining, then Mando and BOBF showed up and, well, here I am. I'm...
  2. Ninjamonkeysd

    Ninjamonkeys "Re-Armored" build

    Hey everyone! This is my first time doing anything like this so I figured I would post a thread so you can learn from my mistakes or laugh at me, whichever you feel more comfortable doing. I got my armor a few months ago from Boba Maker (Daz) and Im using a RoTJ set. I really have no clue as...