boba fresh

  1. AlexJ93

    First helmet project/ Post-Sarlacc

    Picked up a Minutefett Boba fresh casting from Dragonbornjedi on etsy. It’s getting close to being finished so more pics to come.
  2. Auzzy35

    Budget Boba Costume

    I am looking to try and do a Budget Boba cosplay for a convention probably around August/Sept. I am leaning towards "Boba Fresh" from mando season 2, I have heard from others that it is the easiest to put together and calls for the cheapest parts. Just looking to get others inputs on this and...
  3. funkz

    A newbie's attempt at making a "fresh" Boba Fett armor

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread! In this thread, I'll try to document my progress in making the "fresh" Boba Fett costume. I'm somewhat new to making costumes, as this will be my first everything! I'll try as much to list the materials and methods used so this thread can also serve as...
  4. SeaMarshall

    Sea_Marshall: Re-armored Boba Fett / Boba Fresh fan build

    Greetings TDH community. I was approached in Dec of 2020 and asked if I'd build the latest Boba Fett variant, "Boba Fresh", with his poppin' colors. For eye candy, here is the kit in it's present state: With very few references to follow besides what's on screen, I've decided to base the...