boba fett esb

  1. G

    Boba Flak Vest Recommendations

    Hey everyone, So I just had the person making my flak vest cancel on me. I am working on an ESB Fett and the flak vest is the last real part I need other than small little things like shin tools etc.. That being said I would love any recommendations for flak vests that are 501st approved won't...
  2. wyawya

    An amateur's first ESB lid

    This is gonna be the thread for my first ESB helmet. Not sure if I'm building a costume yet, for now I'm just doing this as an artistic challenge. I want to get it as accurate to the screen used prop as I can with my skill level. I started off with Wasted Fett's FPH2 kit. Pretty cool, minimal...
  3. B

    Boba Fett ESB

    I just finished the paint up of this. I'm aware of minor deviations, but it was painted using Rafal Fett paint stencils. Just need to install a lens. I painted this for a collector. They weren't going for approval or anything, however, other than minor paint tweaks, would this pass for basic...