boba fett ee3

  1. Haloax44

    Blasterfactory EE-3

    Any blaster painters out there tackling this when it releases? I know of the popular helmet painters like Fett 4 Real and superjedi But are there well known blaster painters as well?
  2. C

    EE-3 blaster displays

    I’m hoping to get some great ideas on displays or stands that members have acquired or created for their EE-3 blasters. It’s time to show off your EE-3’s with some photos please. Thanks!
  3. Josafoot

    For Sale EE-3 Custom

    Custom EE-3 Blaster. Make by April Storm Cosplay Props and Geekery by AprilStormProps on Etsy and it was discontinued. It is a 3D printer except for the "brass" metal (the butt wood and the trigger). It is made of steel two secured it. The custom is on the left side between the "wood" and...
  4. S

    For Sale or Trade New Iconic Props / Stormrider / Signature Series Run (final)

    UPDATE: Seems I am out of work programming for the foreseeable future. So this stuff gets ramped up. I should have the ee3's starting to ship this week. JB has/will be sending out pm's for payment. Things are going to move fast, try to be responsive so you don't miss out. UPDATE 2: I...