1. horus

    For Sale FS Full Completed Bo Katan Kryze Ready for Wear

    Selling FULL completed costume/armor Bo Katan. The costume is ready to wear, made according to all the requirements of the CRL 501st Legion and approved (BH 21100). The costume is in excellent, new condition. Dressed twice for photo shoots at the same event (ComicCon Ukraine 2019). Armor...
  2. GoldenCat

    Bo-Katan Rebels armor (GoldenCat build)

    Hello to everyone :) First, let me start with the question - Do you think this version of Bo could be in 501st or is she too much of the Rebel supporter? I mean she is still a mandalorian, even more, she's the new leader of Mandalore. But she's now a "good guy" and we have Rex in the 501st who...