black series

  1. IndyFanChuck

    Want to Buy Black Series Boba helmet for my kiddo

    Hey guys, it’s IndyFanChuck from the RPF. So my son wants a black series Boba Fett helmet. Which I cant find in stock anywhere. The ones on eBay are priced between 250 and 400 bucks. Is there ANY of these in stock anywhere so I can get my son what he wants for Christmas please? Thank you...
  2. DR501st

    Black Series Helmet for The 501st?

    I have the Boba Fett Black Series Helmet. After getting it, it has really peaked my interest in joining the 501st Legion. One of the guys for my local Garrison said it wouldn’t be approved out of the box, and to check here and see what advice I could get in what modifications I would need to do...