armor attachment

  1. scorcione

    Attaching armor

    Hello all - well - my DIY tactical mandalorian costume was an epic fail - it looked way too masculine and I hated it.. (insert big sigh) I have ordered a set of armor (female Jango Fett style) by now - I don’t know how to attach the armor to the suit.. does anyone happen to have any advice for...
  2. IceBlazeMC

    What am I supposed to attach my armor to?

    Hello, I'm sorry if I make any stupid mistakes here, because I am new at this. I have just made my mandalorian breastplate out of EVA foam, and I am working on my helmet, which is made out of plastic. I have just purchased a cover all that fits pretty well, however I'm not sure where and how to...
  3. JReevy

    Vest Flak Vest prep & wookie braid attachment method

    I thought I would share how I prepped my vest and attached the wookie braids - pictured is a BatNinja vest. The initial steps aren't captured in photos, but here is what I did to prep: I put the vest on a mannequin and placed my collar/backplate armor where I want it to rest and then with a...