ammo belt

  1. Grul666

    For Sale ROTJ and ESB ammo belts - custom made and screen accurate

    Hi all, First time posting in the Cargo Hold. Been trooping as ROTJ Boba since '16 (scg:sjs tk#6378). I made a lot of my soft parts myself (as well as molded some of my own greeblies). Last summer, I was bored and looking for a new project, as I was remaking my flak vest and just finished a...
  2. raptorarts

    Boba Fett Ammo Belt - Inquiry

    Has anyone made a leather version of his belt? I did the vinyl version which was posted here or on another forum and it worked great. Though a year later the vinyl is rejecting the hot glue and the sticky back Velcro is useless so my pouches are falling off all over the place. So i want to try...
  3. MBlackburn

    Other Bounty Hunter Sabine Ammo Belt

    Hi there! I'm on an art student budget but want to upgrade my Sabine belts (notably her ammo belt from her "action" gear). Anyone doing cheap leatherwork (or faux leather?) I know DeltaMike does sensational work but there's just no way I can pay for that. Thank you! <3