aluminum ears

  1. bucketheadprops

    For Sale Jango Fett Aluminium Range Finder Stalk & Inner Ears

    I am in the process of building my own Jango, and decided to make an aluminium range finder stalk and ear pieces for the helmet. Drew up my own designs based on measurements I found, and on my own helmet cast I'm working on. I had a few sets made up so am offering these for sale. The size...
  2. MachineCraft

    For Sale MachineCraft Metal HERO Ears - Interest Thread

    Hey all you cool clones and kittens, It's time to announce our next product, the MachineCraft Hero Ears. I am often too long winded, so to avoid putting you to sleep, lets just hit the bullet points. Important Stuff: -These were made possible due to extremely accurate drawings created by...