1. J

    ROTJ Boba color pallet for airbrushing ?

    Hey everyone I’m just now ordering my BobaMaker ROTJ helemt. My goal is to be 501st approved at the end of this build. Anyways I have already bought my eclipse hp-cs airbrush and I looked at the color pallet on the 501st‘s website and I want to match those as closely as possible because I want...
  2. drewthecostumer

    The Modern Gentleperson's Paint List and Technique Guide (Starting with ESB)

    Hey y'all! I have a strange passion for paint accessibility and transparency in the Fett community, and all of our ancient paint guides promote out of date/discontinued/neigh impossible to get paints, and that is just such a drag. Humbrol's cans SUUUCK, Model Masters is out of business and the...
  3. Arminace

    General Very low budget: Boba Build or "Pimp my rubish"

    Hi there, Ive asked already for a little help and here is the reason why I asked. I decided to show you some pics of my progress of a Boba build that startet with a very low budget. This is just a base build to get some skills and experience with this highly complicated costume and will be...