advice needed and welcomed

  1. scorcione

    Worried that..

    Hey all - I’m totally new at mandolorian build and I’m new to the dented helmet as well - I’m creating my Mando costume from pieces I’m putting together from places like Amazon (for instance my chest / body armor is from air soft armor) - am I going to be laughed off the face of the planet...
  2. Mrpanic241

    Weathering advice (too much or too little?)

    Hey Dented helmet, I finally started weathering my ROTJ armor and I am not sure if I have gone too overboard or if it needs more. I've read that once you think its too much, its probably done. That being said, advice is appreciated. The posted pictures are of the armor with black and gray...
  3. Mangofett185

    New to the Jango community

    Hey guys I'm a long time jango fett fan and new to the costume gang, anyways I'm making mine fairly cheaply (cardboard dont judge lol) anyways I've tried making the helmet and it went horribly, would love some feedback on how to make the helmet. Also started making his jetpack and I'm actually...