1. Theboba

    Boba Fett RE-ARMORED BUILD 3d printed *updated*

    Hi everyone im starting my repaint build and i wanna say thank you all for the great posts. They have been fantastic help. I have multiple 3d printers im using to make this suit and ill be painting it myself. Heres what i got so far These hand plates i printed out of tpu so they are flexable...
  2. Theboba


    Please delete
  3. N8TEBB

    N8TEBB's Beskar Build

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii Newbie to thedentedhelmet, visiting from the 405th (as you might be able to tell from my profile pic :p) Our good friend Din Djardin has some pretty epic beskar armour, and I want it so I'm gonna make it. Is this a project that a 17 year old kid can finish? IDK, but I'm going to...