3d printed boba fett helmet

  1. Short4ATrooper

    Just how inaccurate is this helmet?

    Picked this 3D printed helmet up from Etsy, relatively cheap for a practice run ahead of my Bobamaker ESB lid on order. I’m just wondering if someone who knows what to look for can tell me how inaccurate this one is? I’m sure it’s not right but I’m curious how much. I know Raf’s templates need...
  2. Frogfreak

    Custom 3d printed Boba Fett helmet

    Hey guys. Been a while since i've been on here. but i'm about to start on a new project that i think you guys will like. i just recently Bought a 3d printer, and i've been working on a custom Boba Fett helmet. (Extremely loosely based from Rafalfett's Boba fett 3d model, not much remains of the...