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  1. pucksdown

    For Sale or Trade Items to trade

    Over my week off for spring break I have been cleaning out some extra clutter from some stuff I have collected over the last few years. I have 2 items I would love to trade for some ESB stuff. I have a 1 body armor vest made by point blank and a ballistic helmet. Obviously both are unused :)...
  2. pucksdown

    ESB Helmet work this weekend - added an interior

    After working on my ESB build for several months, I took a break from the must dos to do something I just wanted to work on for a while to wrap up my helmet. I finished up paint several months ago but wanted to add some interior work to really give it a working bounty hunter look. I was just...
  3. pucksdown

    3d Printed Armor - adding dents

    I am looking ahead to some of my next build. Has anyone added the dents to 3d printed armor? If so what technique did you use? Thanks!
  4. pucksdown

    For Sale or Trade 1950s-60s Chemox Gas Mask Kit

    I came across this a few years ago when my team was tasked with doing 3d Historical Building documentation for some old buildings. These were in the trash to be thrown out. I saved them from being lost forever, lol. I thought I might use them for something, but I have had them just sitting...
  5. pucksdown

    Glove Template/Pattern

    Anyone have a glove template/pattern they can send my way. I have seen several on there but the link takes me to a blank page. Thanks! T
  6. pucksdown

    ESB EE-3 screw sizes for assembly

    I'm in the process of 3d printing an ESB EE-3. (Have completed a 3d print jetpack..will post pics later)... I'm looking for the screws sizes to use for assembly. I want it to be somewhat functional where it, hammer etc. Looks like post screws are ideal but I'm looking for...