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    ESB Boba Fett

    Looks FANTASTIC! Great photo. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Cool! That DOES help (and yeah, IMHO, they ARE ugly boots. :eek: I sure don't relish the thought of paying a ton of money on something that I wouldn't be caught dead in in my daily life, but, such is the power of the desire to be 'correct' :rolleyes) Thanks again, all.
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    Can someone tell me what the model name or number is on the Prada boots? I'm just curious and would want to research to see if there's any look alikes or close enough out there. Thanks!
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    Zam bodysuit assembly

    It is looking great! I bought Green Pepper patterns, too, but I can't really remember the pattern # or name, just that it was for ski pants and a top. Looks very similar to what you have. A techie question, if you don't you have/used both a serger and a regular sewing machine on...
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    Zam screen used Gauntlet

    Honestly, stuff like that makes me like a thing even more. :)
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    Zam screen used Gauntlet

    MaulMaus... I work for a Sheriff's Office... I can help with the cover up... ;)
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    Zam screen used Gauntlet

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: WHOA! Beauty! I would TOTALLY be interested, but how small is it? I know Ms. Walsman is way over on the petite side, I'd wonder if it would fit. I'm not an Amazon Warrior, but I'm not the size of a key chain like she is, either. ;) (Just kidding, Ms. Walsman...
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    interest in an aluminum blaster

    Great Googly Moogly!:eek: You KNOW that you're working on too darn much Zam stuff when the whole world is dressed like a grape! :lol:
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    Zam at Dragon Con 2008!

    WOW! That looks fantastic! I gotta get crackin' on mine! *digging through piles of fabric to find the neoprene* You look great. :)
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    Where to get Neoprene?

    RE: StretchHouse...Their web site does mention that they do ship to other countries 'express' (whatever that might entail). They do ship pretty quick though; I got my order less than a week after ordering, so it might be worth looking into. Good luck! :)
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    New Reference DVD - Boba Fett/Jango Fett/Zam Wesell

    Cool. Just ordered one. I'd like those Zam pics. Thanks! :)
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    Looking to sell some of my Zam Stuff

    Me, three. I haven't seen anything further, either.
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    Started my Zam

    *sigh* No, they are interior seams. But don't we all wish there were a Zam pattern! All of our issues would be solved (although if there were, there'd probably be a lot more running around). :facepalm
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    Started my Zam

    I'm not too sure how this will come out (first time I scanned and posted something on TDH boards), but this is the pattern I bought for the pants, mainly because the patterns was made to use with stretch material (Spandex, specifically). They look like bike pants, and I'm hoping the neoprene...
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    Screen Cast Zam Parts

    I have to agree... very cool of you to take great detailed pictures. I'm going to start my Zam (eventually!) and I for one definately appreciate having nice clear shots of these goodies. Thanks!:)