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    Hey! My user name changed! ... or Why can't I login?

    Hello, I have not been on this forum in a long time and wanted to know if i could change my user name since this one no longer describes me. Thanks, Cory
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    Hoodie patches

    I got this Fett Hoodie at the mall and it's cool but i'm wondering if anyone is making patches of the arm rocket and the jet pack to put on the hoodie?
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    RS Zip Zap Mini RC RF Servo Tutorial

    first of all hi, i have been off these boards for a long time. i put one of these in my boba helmet years ago. but i'm wanting to use this app. for a totally different project . i am wondering about the servo itself. is this particular one on this thread a realy slow moving servo. I need to find...
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    Star Wars Fan Film Inproduction Looking for Volunteer's

    I am available for foley , adr , backgrounds and other sound effects stuff .check out for some examples of my work . later , cory
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    ALL Con TDH Workshop Bucket

    that is awesome
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    thickest fiberglass helmet ?

    that does help and thats the helmet i was probably going to go with . i loved the thickness of the fp armor . thanks , cory
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    thickest fiberglass helmet ?

    i had a chance to see some fett pride armor the other day and was impressed with the thickness and strength of the fiberglass . does anyone make the helmets like this ? does fp do helmets ?
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    front thigh pockets ?

    does anyone makes the pockets so you can just put them on your jumpsuit ?
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    i just finished putting armor on my new batninja vest . it is sweet . im concerned though . does it look like i need my collar armor to be just a tad bit widder ?
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    listening device installed

    yes , this is the same helmet . i realy want a movie size helmet .so time to sell this one and gather enough cash for the new one .
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    listening device installed

    it sound awesome with no feed back .
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    listening device installed

    i got this little listen up at radio shack and installed it . it works great i used the little condensor mic as the cheeck gribble . and put the earphone in on top of my fan . it's a little tight in my dp glass cast helmet . but it realy does work great ...
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    helmet sizes ?

    can anyone post some pics of the differences between the helmet sizes of different makers .i have a DP 96 and one that a TDH member made for me , but i need to know if there is anything bigger like the so called " movie size helmets " . and then i need to know who i can get one from . thanks , cory
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    wanted to buy ! all the zam parts .

    hey thanks wes .....cory