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    What Paint Colors? RESOLVED -Now BKBT Build Log

    You are doing such a good job with this.
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    First Mandolorian build Journey

    Looks fantastic! I really like the paint. The only thing I'd say is to widen up the horizontal part of the visor a bit.
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    Blade Runner Blaster by Tomenosuke

    God bless the makers of this prop, what an amazing object. You're lucky to have the Tomenosuke.
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    Newbie intro and Heavy Mando build

    I'm super excited to see the progress on this!
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    Heavy Infantry Build

    Definitely following!
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    Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

    Sergey Kolesnik on Facebook 3D Modeled a version of the blaster. Looks like he'll be making a 3D print as well.
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    Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

    That's definitely true, I'm making an entire set of Boba style armor with sintra for 30 bucks. And I'm sure there's tons of Mercs that would be willing to do that. However they probably just used the molds they already had I guess.
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    Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

    I think that in reality is was done for budgetary reasons. However, canon wise, I think it'd be best to say this was some sort of off-shoot of Death Watch that just uses this style of armor, and continues to use it post ROTJ. Just my thoery.
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    Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

    We should just turn this into a full on research thread!! I think that the Mandalorian's shoulder's could be used for both left and right on this costume. The pouches are also the same as the one's on the Mando's (Dyn Djarin's) belt. It's worthy to note that they all seem to have different white...
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    Mike M.'s jango progress thread (update 12-15-19)

    Wow, I have to say you look great!
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    Work on our fiberglass The Mandalorian armor

    Not sure why he didn't list this in the post but here is the Etsy listing.
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    Rob Pausa Mandalorian rifle build

    That paintjob is fantastic looking! Watching this for sure. Also I agree with GRINCH, video please!
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    Mandalorian helmet and armor 3d print files

    This is looking good! I appreciate that you have the visor curve, which alot of people are missing on their designs.
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    Helmet advice

    If you really want to make it out of foam check out this video. Just be aware that by making it out of foam you won't be 501st or Mandolorian Mercs apporvable. If you aren't looking to be approved, go for it and have fun!
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    Authenticity of Seller

    Yeah it's funny he doesn't have any posts about his helmets on here.