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    ROTJ Damaged Jetpack Build

    Looks really cool! This would be a good add to a post-Sarlacc Fett display.
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    Eliminating girth belt bleed

    Do you know what stain was used originally? I used minwax for mine and once it dried, it never bled.
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    Hello from D.C.!

    Welcome from Loudoun :) If you haven't signed up on the Garrison Tyranus boards yet, you should. And put Air and Scare on your calendar this year - we usually get about 3-4 Fetts and a good number of Mandos trooping: Events
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    Rako Hardeen toolguy301's Rako Hardeen Build

    Wow, that helmet is awesome!
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    Boushh Armor

    Just google Clothears then :)
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    Boushh Armor

    Try Dark Shadow on the RPF. I don't know if he still makes armor but he used to. Clothears might also be an option: Boushh life size display
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    New member

    Welcome :)
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    Fett Thumb - cure?

    Nah, that soreness never goes away haha. The armor and jetpack just wears on you. If I'm moving around it's ok, standing still for long photo ops is what kills me - and my thumbs to keep this on topic.
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    Fett Thumb - cure?

    That's about what I do every year at Air n Scare Evan1701. Sacrifice for the Fett! :p
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    ROTJ EE-3 base color help

    Like DVH I used flat black and then browns on top to lighten and dirty it up.
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    New member build

    If you're paying for pieces and also commissions to get things painted then you need to up your budget. I'd keep an eye on the Cargo Hold for people parting out suits so you can acquire as many finished pieces as possible.
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    Superjedi's ESB to SE for hvacdon

    Pretty cool :cool:
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    Taught to be cautious!

    I can't speak to any of their parts but the jetpack harness looks to be made of resin or something else non-metal and I wouldn't trust my backpack to it let alone an expensive jetpack. That's enough for me to stay away right there.
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    Superjedi's ESB to SE for hvacdon

    Some more info (some written by superjedi actually :p) Marrow Sun questons
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    New member from Virginia

    Welcome :) NoVA Fett here...